AutoTube Help

Hi All,

I was searching for a tool which generate a playlist with multiple keywords with youtube and then I want to save to my youtube playlist account. But I never got any luck with that so  I ended up with writing a tool myself and its working as I want :). And here is the link to tool  . And this tool can select most relevant video from youtube so you won’t end up with 100’s of videos.

Steps to create a playlist.

Step 1:

You can add multiple keywords in the search place and each keyword should be on a new line. Something like this




Step 2:

And if you see a huge list of song collection like this ( the fact is this site made me to build this tool ). You can simply copy paste list to search box. But it’s good to remove 3. ,• , .mp3 from the keyword for better search result.

Step 3:

Simply click on Generate Video, and you can change the sort type and number of results of should be displayed.

Step 4:

If you wish to save this search as your playlist you can use   Authenticate YouTubeLogin link from the top, please note this login is happening through completely with google api so its secure as same like gmail or any other google service. I won’t save any kind of your google data to my server or anywhere.

Step 5:

You can select each video or you can use check/un check button to select or de-select videos.

Step 6 :

Now you can give your playlist name and use Generate Playlist button. Once its finished go to your youtube account and you can see new playlist under your account. Please note doesn’t use an existing playlist name from your account.


Guys this service is under google developer mode and I didn’t buy their service so I have limits for sessions, so please don’t try to search more than 50 keyword same time.


Here is a small video about the tool.

If anyone interested to see the source code please let me know 🙂

eg : playlist created with autoTube