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AutoDesk Maya 2011 (Ubuntu 10.04)

I am trying to install Maya 2011 in Ubuntu 10.04 . after so much errors at last i done it . So i thought i will share that how I done that .

here is the steps .

1 . copy all installing files to some where like ‘/home/user/maya2011

2. use su to switch to root

3.  apt-get install csh alien

4. apt-get install alien tcsh cpio rpm ia32-libs

5. then cd/home/user/maya2011

6. for i in *.rpm; do sudo alien -cv $i; done

7. dpkg -i maya*.deb

8. dpkg -i adlm*.deb

9. then change to cd /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/lib

10 .  ln -s /usr/lib64/ and ln -s /usr/lib64/ and ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

11. cd /opt/Autodesk/Adlm/R1/lib64

12. cp * /usr/lib/

13. mkdir /usr/tmp

14. chmod -R 777 /usr/tmp

15. sh -c "echo 'setenv LC_ALL en_US.UTF-8' >> /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/bin/maya2011"

16. export MAYA_LOCATION=/usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64

17. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

18. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libtiff/

19. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

20. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

21. /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/bin/licensechooser /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/ standalone unlimited

22. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Autodesk/Adlm/R1/lib64/

23. /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/bin/adlmreg -i S 657C1 657C1 2011.0.0.F 666-42943644 /var/opt/Autodesk/Adlm/Maya2011/MayaConfig.pit

24. cd/home/user/maya2011/crack’

now open crack file with scite or gedit , then add this line after line number 7

sudo cp ./ /usr/lib/

25. ./crack

then change to /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/bin

26. cd /usr/autodesk/maya2011-x64/bin

then maya

Yes now you are ready to use Maya in Ubuntu 10.04 .

PS . there is new hot fix release from autodesk you can download that from this link

This fix found by friend for Maya 2011 hot fix 2

– before installing I’ve renamed the /var/opt/Autodesk/Adlm to Adlm_orig (this helped me a lot)…
– I’ve re-installed the adlm programs, they’ve created the Adlm directory again
– then I copied the MayaConfig.pit from the Adlm_orig/Maya2011 to Adlm/Maya2011 (also created the Maya2011 directory by hand)
– replaced the with the cracked one
– I run the ./setup script from maya to register the 666-42943644 serial number
– then used ./adlmreg again to unregister and re-register the 666-42943644 serial number (to ensure, I don’t think that it is necessity)
– then run maya without any problem

NB : I am not supporting cracking any software , If you like the software please buy it and support the developers .