install bullet in linux

If you facing some problem installing Maya and 3ds max Plugin for Bullet Rigid Body Dynamics to your linux box then follow this steps

1 : download source from here

2 : extract to some location ie : /usr/tmp/bullet/dynamica-src
3 : if you dont have cmake then install cmake from software center (ubuntu) or yum (redhat)
4 : then cd to /usr/tmp/bullet/dynamica-src
5 : run “cmake CMakeLists.txt”
6 : then run “make all”

if you facing GL error then download this zip file and copy all files /usr/inclue/GL

7 : now run again “make clean” and “make all”

if you facing now with some openGL32 lib error install this libs

8 : apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev
9 : apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev
10 : now run again “make clean” and “make all”

now its should be fine with making the libs after that copy the mel scripts to usr maya folder and open Maya then locate the plug-in in inside the /usr/tmp/bullet/dynamica-src/Extras/MayaPlugin/


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