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Custom Web Protocol Handle for Houdini, Nuke and Maya

Hi All ,

I just made a small custom protocol for intra-net to open houdini,nuke and maya file links to direct applications . Say for example you have houdini file link in a webpage and you want to open that link to houdini direct then this protocol will help you to do that . you want to make sure you have python is installed in your system.

This tool wont work perfect in internet and if you want to make it work then you need bit more tweaking . And you can extend this protocol more and you can easily add more application supports. Please check the inline comments in code and readme for more details. I added a example html file also for testing.

Please check the config.ini file for the base config and run file to get this protocol to be installed in your system . And one more thing this system is tested only with ubuntu 10.04 and centos 5.1 .