Installing Ubuntu With Windows as Dual Boot

Here you can see your free space and press Add. Then it will bring a new Window. We are now going to create a boot partition. And the Window will look like this.

Once you press ok it will bring you back to the same partition page. Then you can select add again for creating swap area. Please see the wiki link to learn more about swap. And the Swap file size more related with the memory you have in your system. If you have 2 GB you can give swap 4068 MB. And swap creation Window looks like this.

After creating swap you have to go back to the partition page and again you need to go for add button. Now we are creating the file system for Linux. Here we can select the mount point “/” and keep the size as it as in the box. Window will look like this.

After creating the ‘/’ area your partition page will look like this.

So now we are ready to go for the next step. We can now go for Install now option in the current page.

6: We need to select the time zone.

7: After that we need to select the keyboard layout.

8: Then you have the option to tell about your system. Require my password and encrypt my home folder both will give more security to your system.

9: The rest will be done by the system. Once installing is finished it will ask for a reboot. Now you can remove the DVD and go for reboot. After reboot you will be taken to the grub menu where you have the option to choose Linux or Windows to boot. And the screen looks like this.

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